Underwood provides an assortment of services and resources to help you reach your full potential as a student or working professional. We are committed to responding to your needs, to help you succeed both academically and professionally.

Registration & Student Records

How to Register, Drop or Add Classes

In order to register, your admissions file must be complete and your tuition paid. You need to come to school during registration time and meet with an academic advisor in order to select your courses for the following semester. If you are unable to come to campus in person you may fill out an “In Absentia Registration Form.” This form will allow your designated representative to select your courses. Bear in mind that once you select your classes you will not be able to change your selection until drop/add days. The only exception to this is if your class is cancelled due to lack of enrollment.

In order to drop and add classes you must come to school in person on the Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of the first week of classes and fill out a course change form. You may not change your campus or major during drop/add. All changes need to be approved by the Academic Committee. The decision of the Academic Committee is final.

Order Transcripts

If you need an official transcript, you need to come to the Administration Office and fill out an Official Documents Request Form and pay $10. Underwood accepts cash or checks for payment.

Update Personal Information | Residency Change

SEVIS requires all international students to change their personal information within 10 days. If you need to change your personal information, please come to the Administration Office and fill out a Personal Information Update form.