About Underwood University

Underwood University is a young and fast growing learning institution embracing diversity of cultures, nationalities and points of view. Here at Underwood, we believe in stimulating our students’ minds with relevant, practical information while nurturing their hearts to love the environment and humankind.

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21st Century Innovative Education
Academic Excellence
Sofia, Student
Career Oriented
Eshan, Student
Global Perspective
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Affordable Education
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What faculty members say
Professor Suk Min Jang
Th.M, Harvard University
" With hard work, perseverance, and diligent study, your dream of success can come true at Underwood University. "
Professor Sooyeon Kim
MA, Iowa State University
" Underwood University provides the best guidance, training and support to have a clear career path. "
Professor Matthew Chipman
MA, University of Vermont
" Underwood University creates a vibrant, diverse atmosphere for all students to enjoy. This welcoming environment invites students from all over the world to comfortably share their stories and beliefs with each other. "

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